Friday, August 26, 2005

Just one of the many occurrences in my life that I'm not entirely sure happened.

It was a few nights ago, around eleven o clock I needed to take a piss in McDonald's.

I went into the gents and when I opened the door there was a large bald man, stripped to the waist washing up at one of those automated sinks. His clothes lay in neat orderly piles on the ground, his shoes were there too.

If I'd have left then I might have offended him. I tried to piss. Air came out, a noise came out only audible to dogs came out, but my bladder remained full.

"Only an Irish man could cut him self like this." he said.

Why the hell did I answer him."Did you get in a scrap?"

"No just shaving."

I turned to my left and saw he was holding a disposable Bic razor.

It only occurred to me later that I was leaving my self incredibly exposed to a man who could at any time cut me, or even worse, shave me.

I made my goodbyes and decided to use the ladies, praying he wasn't in there as well.

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