Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mad Bank!

While I'm sure there have been no visitors to this blog, barring me of course, that doesn't mean I can't try to make some cash from it. And here's my very first t-shirt based on the first readily available image on my hard drive, the illustration to Render below.

This is just what I whipped up in about an hour trying to work out the ins and outs of, even going to extreme lengths and reading the fine print before I clicked OK. Already It seems streets ahead of Cafepress (a site which I haven't actually used so correct me if I'm wrong) in that it allows a better range of dark colours (goths and emo-kids rejoice) and one or two colours on colour prints.

Fifteen squid, it's a bargain.


Rachael said...

It's Rachael.
Gimme a shirt, stat!

jont said...

I don't have any t-shirt to give you. There made to order. As soon as someone buys one they'll print one.

What I could do, if your nice is drop my commision to nothing and let you buy one at cost price, around £8.90 (GB Sterling).

Rachael again said...

Well sir, I'm more than happy to send you USD, as I don't have any of your currency. I spose I could figure out how the hell to get it changed over.

jont said...

You don't have to send me anything.

go here and follow the steps. It's the only way to get it. As far as I know the T shirts are printed in Germany and the only way I'll ever see one is if I buy one and have it delivered.

And sorry to say, but it seems it can't be delivered to the USA.

Don't worry, the company operates in America too, but I'll have to set up on the US version of the site separately.

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jont said...

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Wayne said...

don't they do it in black?

jont said...

They fucking should but I can't find the option. Printing colour on dark colours uses a different type of printing prosess that I can find on their faq, but not on their design a product page, give me a week or two. :/