Friday, September 02, 2005

Rocket to the Crypt

I don't get emotional often, but when I read these words my eyes began to well-up.

On Halloween night in San Diego, Rocket from the Crypt will be playing our farewell show. After 16 years of scars and ear damage all in the name of spreading goodwill and the Rock N Roll doctrine, we will take the stage for the last time on our favorite day of the year. We know that it is very difficult for those around the world to be with us for this celebration, but we invite all that have been a part of this awesome ride to come out one more time and give it up for the band. We will offer those that have supported and fueled us the first opportunity to purchase tickets. The show is taking place in a hotel ballroom and room packages will be offered with the tickets if you desire. There is a limited number of these discounted room/ticket packages available. There will be five ticket options. 1. Ticket only, 2. Room with 1 ticket, 3. Room with 2 tickets, 4. Room with 3 tickets, 5. Room with 4 tickets. The show is unfortunately 21 and up only as there will be rampant live!
r-defying consumption.

Remember them well.

Anyone up for the trip?

+ + +

Well it's a little late for an update, but me and my brother did end up making the journey, thanks to the guy who sold us his tickets (at cost price mind you) and everyone who put us up and entertained us on our American tour, which looked something like this:

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Wayne said...

Get your finger out man! Nearly a week since your last update!!

Do you get your grants for college