Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Spreading the magic of Jont over lady breasts.

Well if you were one of the zero people to buy my Render T-shirt you may have been disappointed, by the fact it only came in dirt revealing white, or already grubby grey. But one enterprising individual, the lovely Deidre Johnson of fort worth Texas has taken matters into her own hands and made her own shirt with the design on a black t-shirt.

Nice work Deidre, a squadron of attack lawyers are on their way.


Travis said...

and when were you gonna let me know about Render shirts? I woulda bought one.

jont said...

I assumed you read my blog, religiously and thus knew about them.

They're still available if you want one, but I wasn't quite happy with the results.

Speaking of Render, any chance you can correct those mistakes I emailed you about?

d said...

attack lawyers my ass... what would you get from it? hah sexual favors? hah dont waste your time you ought to know those are free.

d said...

ps. whos that ugly girl wearing your shirt?

Rah-Rah said...

Way to send stalkers straight to her home, Mr. K.

I'd buy one, but let's face it: it would look disgusting on me anyways. Especially after seeing it on such a fine specimen as D.