Saturday, May 06, 2006

Death Doo-Wop of a Salesman

Finally got round to finishing the layout. In the next couple of days I'm going to convert the file to greyscale and print out some flyers on red paper, and spread this eyesore to people who will hopefully give me some money.

The illustration was inspired by the excellent Fortune's Flesh, who used to be the equally excellent Starvations, why I didn't mention that in the previous posts I have no idea. I will only be listening to Death Doo-Wop from now on.

Metal Sucks.


Rachael said...

Send some my way via flyers in the mail or a file in email, and I"ll spread that shit around here. My friend Christian is managing some bands, so maybe he can have you do stuff for them or at least get your flyers to the right people and get the ball rolling over the ocean! or something. :D

jont said...

Yeah sounds good. I was thinking of only doing local acts since money has a way of not arriving, but if my Texas hit squad is on it then sure.

Rachael said...

Paypal is good way to get money that's far away, but as for as here in Texas, I could collect the money and just send it to you. I can't promise a huge response (or at least at first) but hey, every little bit helps!

Nicholas said...

Hey, i want free flyers too. that skeleton ho came out pretty good...i mean, i dont know if i can rub one out to her, but ill certainly try.

jont said...

Hey hey, you want to put some meat in her bones, you dirty dog.

You're welcome to some flyers, but it'll cost you.