Thursday, June 29, 2006

Upon Your Request

me: hey that's okay, I'll draw you something if you want, what I can't do right now is think of anything
me: I draw stuff for fun, I'm just not going to give away free stuff to strangers because they say I should
me: but you're good people so name any two things/people and I'll draw them hugging/ fighting/ fisting/ whatever you want
me: I need something to occupy myself with anyway
Rachael: but if you really wanna... you could draw me a piano and make it look like it's on drugs or something? Haha.
me: ok, consider it done

And so it begins, a new concept where you tell me what to draw. In the comments section of this post you tell me what you want to see drawn by me. Depending on the amount of suggestions, or lack thereof I might not get to draw everything or anything. I may be biased to towards the suggestions of friends of mine, for instance the afore mentioned Rachael gave me and my brother couches to sleep on and free hugs while we were in Texas, and she also introduced me to one of the greatest people in the world, she knows who she is.

That said this game is open to everyone, if any strangers happen along this place then feel free to contribute. But hear this, by adding a comment to this entry you are agreeing to enter into a creative partnership where you have no rights or final say over the final image, right now this is just for me to have fun and try new things, but I withhold the right to any words or work in any current or future commercial project. I know what your thinking, Jont, you're never going to make money from this shit, well to that I say, just you wait and see, crazier things have happened. And one more thing, make sure you leave a name/ pseudonym/ alias so I can tell you apart and give you credit where credit's due. Contact details would be handy too but they're not essential, it's not like I'll be tracing you down to pay you royalties, the use of the term "credit" in this case does not relate to financial remuneration.

Have fun and do me proud.


Anonymous said...

hey, found your blog from your post on the Swami message board, your stuff is wicked! Thought I'd post a few suggestions of stuff for you to draw, even if I am a random stranger. Hope that's cool. How about:

a stag with antlers that go up like trees,
a woman with her fists clenched,
charles bukowski drinking at his typewriter,
a kid with massive trashcan headphones on,
an old, old, old, old, old guitar

jont said...

Everyone and anyone are welcome to post their suggestions, random strangers are only strangers when you don't know their name (*hint*). Keep an eye on here in the next few days (/months, depending how long it takes me to follow through on this concept)

Anonymous said...

cool, and my name is Sam by the way

jont said...

pleased to meet you, there's at least one idea of yours that I'd really consider drawing. I never heard of Charles Bukowski before you mentiond him, and I've never read any of his work, so I'd feel disingenuous drawing him, so it wont be that one.

I'm always interested in the attention of Swami devotees, not to mention the illustrious Swami himself, (*cough*give me some money please, I'd probably do it for free, but dont hold out on me*)

Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't draw this though.

jont said...

" Too bad you didn't draw this though."

Two questions:
What are you trying to say?
Who the fuck are you?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jont, it's Don from Hondo's. I've been doing alot of short stories as of late and I've been uploading them to certain sites that require a picture. I just started a new one, and I'm really not good at drawing my own shit. To cut a long story short, I need a man with a really sketched out face ( I don't mean the psychotic way, just sketched out, as in not coloured, just sketchy. ) and body. He needs to be wearing a suit. That's about it really, tell me if I'm a twat, and you don't want to do it. I'll credit you wherever I use it, with a link to your blog and such.

Example :
A bloke in a suit like that...Just sketched out with a pencil. Plain white background.

Again, I'd much appreciated it, and comment me back!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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jont said...

Hey there sonny, I deleted your extra comments since the link worked first time for me.

Work like that for external websites count as commissions/ collaborations, whether they're paid or unpaid so I won't do them through this project.

Anyone who's interested in this sort of things should contact me through the address in my profile.

This project is for random ideas and not briefs, results may vary, anyone is welcome to use the images on their Log, HoSpace or Jive Journal though, so keep the request coming in.

Anonymous said...

No problem mate. Cheers anyway though.

Lottie said...

Naked Sean connery jumping out of the cake at your best friend's stag night...then mabye an aftershot when everyone realises who ordered him. (I'm guessing you have good contacts).

Lottie said...

Dear Jont,
today I would like to see a Squid wearing a diver's helmet,
P.S. Love you <3

crazy squirel lady said...

dear jont,

where the fuck is my squirel eating daisy petals plus some trippy colors? ... umm need it a.s.a.p. kthnx!


Anonymous said...


I wanna see...

an angry bear in a tutu


a green tree frog with a gun.