Thursday, November 09, 2006

Into the night

Into the Night.

The girl with the green dress and porcelain skin stands between video screens showing almost identical photos of Victoria Beckham. She bites on her lip and turns on her heels as she pushes on her ear piece and listens to the Voice.

"So just stand here and twirl on my hair, that's all, you don't want to help me with the puzzle." she says to the voice, then speaking to the camera, "ok, I am going stand here and twirl my hair, because I am the monkey here to dance for you" she extends her hands forward in a supposed mimicry of simian puppetry and she chokes a little as she realises there are still people watching her.

"Right we really need someone to call... someone to get through... we don't have all night/ all morning."-the slash was pronounced as a giddy and frustrated murmur as she rolled her eyes and glanced at the studio ceiling.

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Tommy Two-Belts said...

Well, its not the ode to Benny Mardones i was hoping for, but youve got my attention.