Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stuff and Nonsense

Things I've been doing lately include, another doodle for a thread on the Engine. The challenge was to design a wooden spaceship and it's captain. The tree's the captain, the seed's the ship.

A Lottie-nut's course is altered by the gravitational pull of the moon. In time it may find purchase on the Moon's surface or on the broken shards of lunar material that surround it. However, the adult specimen we see, is of the lucky few, of the thousand's of nuts a single tree can produce in a year, all but a handful are lost forever, smashed on the side of some distant planet, or doomed to drift and wither, their propellent expired, no hope of ever finding a new home.

Other things, put together a poster for Break the Silence Promotions, they're putting on a Grindcore/ Trash night at the Music Box on the 26th of July, so if you're in Manchester and you like your metal heavy get your arse to that.

Below's a recent sketch that I did, could be part of another poster, and if it is it'll be the first illustrated flyer I've put out, if not, then its another addition to my growing collection of monster drawings.

And for a slight change of mood there's this, the picnic never happened by the way. The photo's by the delectable Kat, who took it at Wreckhead Picnic I, all I did was put letters on it.

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wlsftothemax said...

I made demands a while ago...maybe I haven't been paying attention enough, but I don't think they've been met. If my pleasure isn't enough of a motivation, then do it for the kids. See their wide eyes, starved of your nonsensketches, desperate for an injection of Jont? Not literally, but almost.

For shame.