Wednesday, September 26, 2007


First post since coming back from the land of festivals. Been doing some stuff, continuing work on a little project brought to you by the number 8 and the letter B, making artwork on various walls and tents across the island of Great Britain using mud and markers, photo evidence of which will be up here just as soon as people send it to me, including an interpretation of Animal from the Muppet Show as (I hope for your sake) you've never seen him before.

Oh, if anyone is interested my new email address is jontkeappock (AT)

Back in Manchester I've produced a flyer for Vixen Promotions, got the call on Thursday morning and finished the whole thing in a day which I'm quite happy with.

The initial concept, the only specification I was given was that it should be something like a circus poster, I also worked in a little playing card design and drew inspiration from childhood memories of Upside Downy books (does anyone remember them?) to make a flyer that read differently from every direction with a conjoined freak ring master/ suicidal sword eater as a centrepiece. At the time the only acts due to play were Rust Inhaler and Flesh Eating Foundation (not Society as I'd scrawled on the sketch)

The mostly completed illustration, but as crunch time got closer and changes were made to the line up a quick rethink was needed.

The sword eater gets chopped, possibly to be never seen again, the background is added and the flyer goes to print.

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