Saturday, July 08, 2006

Upon Your Request: iii: Fairy Queen

The delightful Deidre Johnson, formerly of Forth Worth Texas, currently of somewhere near Forth Worth Texas, asked for a picture of a wicked fairy (faerie?).

I wasn't happy with my first attempt, it looked alright in my opinion, but it didn't seem very evil, and just looked like something a fruity boy would draw, but I did use it as an element in a new desktop image.

After that I knew I had to pull out something really evil to make up for that. I was originally going to make it worse, making it a four panel comic where the sick pixie treads on a whole bunch of lady birds in the style of that squish kitty video that you may have/ inevitably will see, but I couldn't be bothered thought it was perfect as it is.

Got something you want me too draw? Got something that you want someone else to draw, but you can't afford them? Then why not drop a comment on this post. Make sure you read the whole thing and make a note of the conditions contained within. Jont hate lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

Too bad this is a design you didn't draw as well.

jont said...

Then who did?

d said...

yay wicked fairy!!