Tuesday, August 15, 2006

All Back to Crap Mining, Part Two: Going Post-it!

Drawn over the past two weeks or so at work in my own free time.

A co-worker (unwitting participant in an impromptu anatomical study, an artistic anatomical study, not the other kind)
Mr Biggleswade Rainbow
A robot made to look like a girl, who wants to look like a robot again
Our lord and saviour Jesus Christ
One of the Beautiful People
A tower of power
A self-pitying self-portrait
An eye over London
The woman I love
An unquantifiable feeling

Just to add, this trundling Work Log is nearing the first anniversary of it's inception, I'm planning something special for the occasion and am working on a commemorative image too. So watch this space, actually it might take me a while to get it done and I have to go to work and sleep and shit, so you'd be better off just bookmarking the site and returning to the site every week or so. And I just remembered, it wont be this space, but the space directly above this post. So remember that. Actually you might be waiting a while, why not click your way through the archives at the left of the screen in the meantime.

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