Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Colour Therapy

"Dear Jont,
today I would like to see a Squid wearing a diver's helmet,
P.S. Love you <3

Since nobody had the decency to request that I draw a squid wearing a diver's helmet, I had to do it myself. Please note the prefered format, feel free to add more xxx's.

I don't think I've expressed how much I hate drawing, I don't understand how some people find art relaxing. Fuck you Bob Ross, if you find any Joy in Painting it's cause you don't care anymore. Even when things turn out good, it feels like the end result is still just a feeble copy of an image that exists only my mind. I've been trying to avoid this lately by putting pen to paper before I'm even sure what it is I'm going to draw, before nasty preconceptions of what that blank space should be grow, right now, it's working for me, I'm not sure if I'm elevated to a sustainable joy but there's a feeling that I'm on to something. But even still there's things I wanted to say but I can't quite get them together, and now I'm typing something that I hadn't planned on typing, and now I'm writing that I wasn't planning on saying that and now.. this could get recursive so I'll stop it now.

The image above was in part inspired by the colours and compositions of Rick Fork's artwork for the Hot Snakes album Suicide Invoice. But he stole that wave first, as has everyone.


Rachael said...

That is some tight work! :D

Anonymous said...

dear jont,
you should draw a squirel with a flower in it's hand umm eating the petals... maybe a daisy... i cant give you money for it... but lovin?


p.s. love you!

jont said...

That could be done, what is your name and when will I receive this lovin you speak of?

Anonymous said...


it would make me happy if it was really fucking trippy colours! so umm... do it... now? please... :)

The Nick said...

so...enjoying your art means its weak? Youre of the Brian (of Spaced) school of thought, that your work should pain you?

ps are you taking art requests these days, or only from anonymous folk?

jont said...

Anonymous? When did I say that? Anyone can make a request so long as they leave their name and details.

Now,on to your first question, I don't think I'm that extreme, art should be something you care about, but I don't think I'm quite pretentious to start spreading my anger, hate and lust over a canvas, but there's always been an element of dissatisfaction with my work, because I judge it against unrealistic standards.